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If you are a printer, an equipment dealer or a broker that wants to list a business card slitter, a Thermographer or other thermographic equipment for sale at no cost, please fill in the form below. The ad will run for a period of 60 days from that date that the ad is posted to the web site or until the seller notifies me to remove the ad from the thermographic-equipment.com web site.

Please fill in with as much detail as possible. This will make your thermographic equipment of more interest to potential buyers. This will make your equipment easier to market to buyers locally, nationally and even internationally.


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With each piece of thermographic equipment listed, sellers may send 3 photos to be included with the equipment listing at no charge. These photos must meet the following specifications to be included. Photos must be in standard JPEG form. This does not mean photos in GIF format, PNG format or any other format. Photos are to be 640 pixels by 480 pixels in size or smaller. Pictures should be no larger than 100 kilobyte (100 kb) file size each.

If your photos do not meet these format specifications, you have 3 choices available to you.
Choose not to have photos included with your ad.
Choose to have someone you know edit your photos to the required specifications
Choose to have the web developers at thermographic-equipment.com do the editing for you/your company. If you choose to have our developer do the editing, there is a minimal charge for this service: 1 photo costs $4.00 USD to edit; 2 photos cost $7.00 USD to edit; 3 photos cost $9.00 USD to edit. Prior to posting the photos, you will be sent an invoice through PayPal for the appropriate amount. When payment is received, the edited photos will be posted with your free advertisement.
You may ask why there is a charge for this if the advertisement is free. The answer is simple; it is an additional service which I will be charged for. This is not a profit center for the website.

Please use a separate submission for each piece of thermographic equipment that you want to list for sale.